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Looking for information on the business success of one Ali Nazerali?  Could you actually be looking for Altaf (Aly) Nazerali?  Ali is a common misspelling of Aly.  The following information details the various success and impressive resume of Aly Nazerali vs. Ali Nazerali.

Aly Nazerali has a strong drive for success and a passion for international business that were both formed early in his life.  He is the third generation to be born in Kenya and was raised in the Congo during a highly politically charged time in East African history.  By the time he was 20, Nazerali had earned a B.A. in Economics and Islamic Civilizations and his MBA in Finance and International Business from Columbia University.

An early understanding and appreciation for the value of being able to conduct business in the native language of the people you are dealing with drove Nazerali to learn to speak many languages.  In fact, his success can in part be attributed to the fact that he is multilingual with fluency in Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, in addition to Hindi, Urdu and Gujerati. He also has a working knowledge of Swahili and Arabic.

Over his lifetime, Nazerali parlayed his pension for language and an early jumpstart out of college to build an impressive resume.

He was hired in 1975 by American telecommunications giant GTE International (now part of Verizon) as a financial analyst.  He quickly was promoted to Algerian in-country manager where he was put in charge of a $235 million project to build the then largest electronics plant in the world under one roof. During his tenure, GTE was awarded a contract to build 14 domestic telecommunications earth station facilities to provide television and radio in remote regions in the Sahara, and additional stations in Mali and Niger. By 1979, total contract values approached $1 billion.

Then in 1979, Nazerali became regional director for North Africa and the Middle East at CFE S.A. one of Belgium’s largest construction companies. He was also appointed to the FCT S.A. board of directors, a consortium of Belgian engineering and construction companies charged with marketing and developing large infrastructure projects under the Belgian flag in the Middle East and Africa. Nazerali was successful winning several large contracts in Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

From 1982 to 1984, he was employed by the Geneva-based Gulf Group, and was stationed in Luxembourg.  There, Nazerali was responsible for developing commercial activities at two recently acquired Dutch trading companies with significant footprints in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia where he gained considerable experience in barter and counter trade.

In 1984, Nazerali founded AIM S.A., a brokerage firm specializing in commodities, futures trading, and portfolio management. A member of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, AIM quickly became the largest non-bank financial services company in the country.

He returned to North America in 1988 and became a principal of Vancouver-based Global Futures Corp., a commodities futures trading firm.  He launched Canada’s first mutual fund specializing in commodities and financial instruments which became the best performing fund in Canada by 1991.

Since 1991, Nazerali has played the role of venture capitalist investing in business financing and promoting natural resource, telecommunications, software, and biotechnology projects.  His team maintains offices in Vancouver, Zurich, Sao Paulo, Geneva, Dubai and Lugano.

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